GoWISE USA is a brand that specializes in manufacturing products to make your life healthier and easier. The GoWISE USA 8.1 digital air fryer is a wonderful addition to the family of products. Like every air fryer, this model cooks food rapidly using hot quickly circulating air. What makes this GoWISE USA 8.1 air fryer very special?

First of all, it’s bigger than several air fryers and will work for bigger families. The touch display menu has 8 presets Pork, Steak, chicken, chips or fires, fist, pizza, and cake.

You can start/stop the GoWISE USA 8.1 in the mid-cook cycle to change both temperature and time – something very air fryer offers. A newly added timer feature helps you keep in mind to shake the food each 5, 10, or 15 minutes.

  • Extremely generous capacity of the basket and pan of 5.8 quarts, enough for feeding 4 people
  • A very sleek and model design, available in four colors, white, plumb, chili red, and black.
  • Uses no or very small oil for cooking – which decreases the intake of Trans fats and calories.
  • 8 integrated cooking modes including Pork, Steak, chicken, chips or fires, fist, pizza, and cake.
  • A relatively small footprint, so it’ll not take up a lot of room in a small kitchen space
  • The temp can be regulated in ten-degree increments from 180 to 400 F.
  • It has an advance start/stop button which you can utilize to stop the cooking process in the mid and then turn it back on which other digital air fryer does not have.
  • The timer can be adjusting to up to 30 minutes.
  • A non-stick removable pan and de-attachable basket which does not include any risky contents and FDA certified and PFOA-free for safety for human and for the surrounding.
  • Simply to use and read intuitive touch screen display and control.
  • A built-in alarm that can be set in 5, 10, or 15 minutes, that’ll remind you to shake the food for even cooking.
  • Comes with a handy cookbook with over 50 unique air fryer baskets, dinner, lunch, and dessert or snack recipes for daily ideas for your family meals or special occasions.
  • No noise spills, and smell during the cooking process
  • One year warranty.